Lead Contamination And How To Reduce It At Your Home

Lead Contamination And How To Reduce It At Your Home

Nowadays, the presence of lead has been found in the supply of water in many places. Initially few isolated cases were noticed. Recently, many cases have come to the notice of the authority, which proves that water supply has certainly got contaminated with lead.

In the USA alone many cases has been found in various states of the country by testing the supply of water at many places during last few years. The lead level is much in excess that the standards of Environment agency standards.

How Lead gets into our drinking water?

Most of the water supply that is connected to our house, schools and various other places are supplied through pipelines, which in due course of time, gets corroded. Therefore, lead gets into our drinking water supply too. The water which contains very high amount of acidity or low amount of mineral content is usually corrosive to the pipelines.

Rusted pipelines also another source

Nowadays, the pipelines that are used are made out of copper. Those houses, which are very old and constructed before the year of 1985, have used lead solder to join the pipes, and therefore in such houses there are very high risks of presence of lead in the drinking water.

According to the estimation of disease control department of the USA, there are about four million households affected with lead issues in some localities, and it is where children also drink water that is contaminated with lead.

In case of new houses too, the pipes carrying water through pipeline can supply water, which is contaminated with lead and that may enter into household supply. According to the latest reports in all major cities of the USA, the municipality water supply that goes to various houses and other places have lead contamination.

Piping issue that cause lead contamination will take plenty of time and money to resolve the malady. With Test Assured Test the water supply need to be regularly checked to know the content of lead.


How serious is the problem?

Lead contamination is extremely harmful for young boys, infant child and especially to pregnant women. With excessive exposure to lead following problems can happen to young children.

  • Reduction in IQ
  • There may be delay in physical development
  • Behavior problems may get developed
  • Attention disorder
  • Damage to growing brain

Lead contamination can also affect adults as well. Some of the problems like high blood pressure, kidney problem and cardiovascular deaths can result due to this problem.

Few tips to reduce lead intake

Following tips can be useful for getting less amount of lead in your intake.

  • Avoid taking water from hot water supply for preparing tea, cooking food or preparing baby feed. Hot water supply usually contains higher level of lead contamination.
  • Consider for various water treatment method like distillation, reverse osmosis. You can also use carbon filter to remove lead content.
  • Prefer to take water from cold water supply which you can heat to prepare tea or other food item.
  • If you are away from home then before using the water flush them out by running water for some duration of time.

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This post is written by David Watson. If you want to reduce lead content in your drinking water supply, then you must install RO system in your house. You can get your water tested by test assured test and make sure that lead content is within accepted level.

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