Everything you need to know about Psychotherapy – Learning Approaches and Therapies

Everything you need to know about Psychotherapy – Learning Approaches and Therapies

Psychotherapy has become essential for those, who usually refuse to take care of their mental health, which ultimately leads to many mental problems. Psychotherapy is known to help a person, who is suffering from any kind of mental issue. In this, an experienced therapist will take a few sessions with the person and perform various exercises to get rid of the mental sickness.

Psychotherapy can be of various types and there are many approaches to it. Before you think about getting Psychotherapy, it is essential to know about these therapies and approaches, so that you are able to pick the appropriate one for you. In this article, we will be talking all about the Psychotherapy and its various kinds.

Learn about the different approaches of Psychotherapy

There are various approaches of Psychotherapy; however the approach totally depends on the patient’s condition and the choice of the therapist. The approaches of Psychotherapy can be classified into two –

  • Systematic approach -in this approach, the therapist usually figures out the root problem. In addition, with a systematic plan of therapies devise various plans to overcome these problems.
  • Interpersonal approach -this approach will require the therapist to interact with the patient personally and figure out the problem. Then using various interactive sessions with the patient.

What is cognitive Psychotherapy? – is it truly beneficial?

The most common mental issue faced by most of the people is slowly losing their cognitive ability that is, losing their memories. There are many grave issues related to the cognitive ability. The most common ones are –

  • Personalization – many a times, when the person will blame himself/herself to all the negative events in his life, he / she going through personalization cognitive loss.
  • Dichotomous thinking – in this the person usually believes that there are two solutions to every situation and refuses to consider the other aspects. He/she usually sees everything black or white, none or all.
  • Magnification minimization -a patient will forget the importance of various events and tends to remember only a few events.

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Know about behavior Psychotherapy

Those who are struggling from behavioral issues are advised to go for behavior therapy. This can also include anger management. In this therapy, there are different stages from which the person has to go through, in order to enhance his/her behavior. These stages have been discussed below –

  • Self-monitoring – In the initial phase, the patient is required to tell the doctor about every activity that he/she is doing in a day. This will help the doctor in assessing the problem better.
  • Weekly activities – in the next phase, the therapist will devise various weekly activities, according to which the patient will be further tested. At this stage, the therapist usually knows the root cause and these activities help him to get rid of it as soon as possible.
  • Role playing – Next, the therapist will take the patient through various interactive sessions with other people.
  • Behavior modification – lastly, they both work together to bring a positive change.

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