What is a Relaxation Massage?

What is a Relaxation Massage?

Re many different types of massage, some are designed for specific purposes such as to help you recover from an injury or to build an improved relationship.  Others are designed to simple help you to relax and feel better about yourself; especially after a hard week, or even a hard day!  In essence there are two main types of massage; the relaxation and the remedial.  Although there are many different forms of massage the majority of them will fall into one of these two categories:

Remedial Massages

These massages are designed for people who are experiencing muscle tension or serious pain.  The theory behind this type of massage is to discuss the issue with a patient and work out where the pain is originating from.  In many cases pain originates from a muscle although this was probably not the initial cause of the issue.  Whenever you injure yourself, the muscles around the injured area tend to contract. This results in hard muscles, also known as knotted muscles.  They do this to protect the injured area.  This may result in some pain or discomfort to you.  However, most people deal with this by adjusting the way they walk, stand or complete certain tasks.  Over time this becomes the normal method of doing something even though the initial injury has healed.  The problem with this is that your body continues to behave in the modified way; your muscle remains contracted and painful.  You will learn to live with the pain for some time before finally seeking help.


A remedial massage will target the affected area; potentially by completing deep tissue work; the result will be evident fairly quickly although follow up sessions will always be necessary.

Relaxation Massage

In contrast the relaxation massage works to loosen your body and allow you to de-stress.    It can be the idea cure for a stressful day at work by providing a feeling of release and soothing any anxiety pains.  This type of massage is designed to gentle ease any aches and pains which have been generated by a specific activity.  It does not generally involve any deep tissue work.  In fact, it is an extremely light touch; the focus is on gentle kneading your body whilst the masseuse’s hands flow across your body.  A well performed relaxation massage will allow you to forget about all your cares and simply relax your body and mind.  You will feel very refreshed once the massage is over and ready to tackle anything.  Of course, it can be difficult to maintain this feeling once you have to return to your everyday life.

A relaxation massage is an idea gift for someone who has never experienced any kind of massage.  It is the simplest, gentlest and yet still an effective massage technique which can work to make anyone forget their worries and relax into the moment.  This short period of escapism is sometimes all that you need to feel completely refreshed, recharged and ready to face the next challenge.


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