Laser Hair Removal Pricing – What to Look for

Laser Hair Removal Pricing – What to Look for

Prices of laser vary depending on the location of the laser hair removal clinic. This implies that the price for laser hair removal in Canada might be far higher or lower compared to the price in other states. Canada Medlaser offers lasers that are amazing for treating excessive hair or getting you looking younger and feeling better about yourself. Factors that determine the price of a laser hair removal include:

  • Number of practitioners: The number of practitioners in an area usually determines the price. The higher the number of practitioners, the lower the price is likely to be and vice versa. This on the other hand doesn’t reduce the quality of service offered. Increased competition is a major factor that determines the pricing offered by laser clinics
  • Popularity of the treatment: The number of people that patronize laser hair removal clinics is also another important factor that determines pricing of laser hair removal. In a location where laser hair removal treatments are popular, the price will most likely be high as a result of increased demand.

Other determining factors include where you receive treatment from be it a laser clinic or medspa, or from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Dermatologists usually charge higher for laser hair removal because it is seen a professional service.

A crucial factor that determines the price of hair removal is you, the hair removal client. Before going for a laser hair removal treatment, there are some questions to ask. These include: Are you a good candidate for laser treatment? How may treatments sessions will be required? How dense is the hair you want removed? What’s the size of the are to be treated? These factors can greatly influence the price of laser hair removal.


However, these factors listed above may not even influence the price of laser hair treatment in your area. It is rather unfortunate that there is no standard guiding the price of laser hair removal and laser treatments. This allows laser clinics and med spas to determine their price for hair removal and other laser related treatments. This can be either flat fee, by time or by pulse.

Flat fee: There are laser clinics that have fixed prices. This means you are presented with a list of prices for different types of hair removal. Bikini hair removal could be fixed at $100 while all chest hair removal could be fixed at  $300.

Time: Contrary to the fact that laser clinics charge fixed prices, there are some laser clinics that charge based on the amount of time used up in the course of the process. You can pay based on the time spent,  which means if the dermatologist or technician charges $100 for 15 minutes, and the treatment takes 45 minutes, you will be charged $300. This is usually a much better option for those removing a relatively small amount of hair that won’t take as much time as possible.

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