Lose weight with Clenbuterol

Lose weight with Clenbuterol

In the recent times, Clenbuterol has proved to be an effective weight loss supplement that helps in burning excess fat accumulation within adipose tissues. Conducting strenuous exercises and maintaining a balanced diet alone do not always give you quick and efficient end results. When you start taking combination of fat loss drugs and fitness schedule, it is the best and a tremendously deadly partnership. Clenbuterol has been approved as a safe and secure drug, fit for human consumption. The results may vary according to the implementation of your fitness plan and your biological resistance power.

Dosage regulation for first time users:

There are standard dosage plans recommended for beginners and professional steroid users like bodybuilders and athletes. If you are taking Clenbuterol for the first time, you should know something about the clen cycle. Clen cycle comprises of the cutting cycles standardised for all users according to their purpose of consumption. The dosage is fixed in such a manner that the initial concentration is the lowest, to check for drug sensitivity and the concentration is gradually increased at restricted intervals to avoid sudden jump of effects. For men, the initial dose measurement is standardised at 40 mcg a day for a week to impart the best results. In the case of female users, the dose level is slightly brought down to 20mcg a day as the mechanism of action and body tolerance is different from that of males. Both the levels of Clenbuterol exposure are relatively to make the body gradually adapt to the steroid action and avoid the chances of serious organ damage. More information about the action of Clenbuterol in our body is given at http://clencycle.com/fr/how-to-take-clenbuterol for guiding first time users.

How to effectively take Clenbuterol supplements?

There are some people who increases the concentration of standardised doses to get quicker and more upgraded results. But this may prove detrimental in some cases. The maximum dose limit for Clenbuterol supplements is suggested at 140 mcg per day but there are some female users who have reported safe end outcome. If the maximum concentration of 140 mcg is crossed, there are serious problems which arise immediately like cardiovascular issues, peculiar disturbance in the blood pressure level, and enlargement of vascular tissues in the heart muscles leading to cardiac hypertrophy. People taking Clenbuterol supplements should regulate their dosage plan in such a way that there are regular intervals between the daily dose schedules. A recommended plan suggests the interval of 2 weeks on and 2 week off regime.The initial level is low and then the increment of dose concentration goes rapidly high, later maintaining the optimum concentration at the end of the cycle.


These intervals are to be taken after specific time gaps of 2 weeks to adjust the body to the exogenous steroid supply, and then again building up body sensitivity against the next oncoming cycle. The metabolic rate of the body is lowered during such gaps, and again pushed high up in the next cutting cycle to promote the BMR at a speedy rate and burn excess fat.To know more about the cutting cycle, check out http://clencycle.com/fr/how-to-take-clenbuterol/ for detailed information.

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