How to Buy a Beauty Trolley

How to Buy a Beauty Trolley

Hairdressers use beauty trolley as a storage space to store several items needed for their business. It helps the hairstylist to store and present their hairstyling items in a professional way. Here are some tips to help buyers to know the right beauty trolley to purchase.

Buying a Hair Dresser Trolley

There are basically three factors to consider when looking for a beauty trolley.

  • Price – The price of the trolley is one of the most important factors to consider. Hair dresser trolleys vary in prices. Also, they vary in shape, size and condition.
  • Type – there are different types of trolleys. We have the regular trolleys, color trolleys, transportable trolleys e.t.c So choose the one that will best meet your needs.
  • Condition – there are both new and used beauty trolley available on the market today. As a result, pricing varies depending on condition.

The above are the basic factors to consider when purchasing hair dresser trolleys to achieve the best results.

Types of Hairdresser Trolley

Beauty trolleys have the same basic layout but some are stronger than the others. Some have more space and are used for different tasks. Before searching for a trolley to purchase, the buyer should know the type of trolley that will best suit the need of their business.   The different  type of hairdresser trolley include

Beauty Trolley


The regular trolleys are the most common kind of trolleys. They have large storage space with 4 to 8 tiers of open or closed shelves. Some regular trolleys have holders and these are very important to hair stylist. In addition, they do not require great mobility.


Color trolleys are mainly used for hair dyeing purposes. There are specific sections used to hold dyes and foils. Unlike the regular trolleys, color trolleys are smaller in size. They are also known as tint trolleys. Color trolleys are the best to use for hair dying. This is because they are built specifically for this purpose.


Transportable trolleys or beauty cases are especially good for mobile hairdressers as it is made up of different sections to carry all hair styling items from one place to another. This case-like trolley is built with its own rollers and an extendable handhold. It is also designed in such a way that each box can be completely removed from the frame making it possible for the buyer to carry only the boxes that they need. Many of these transportable trolleys have foldout drawers with appliance holders, offering users the chance to set up their own makeshift salon wherever they are.

Hair dresser trolleys are of different designs, ranging from single tray stands to complex carts with pullout drawers, side-shelves and built-in appliance holders. Beauty trolleys with more complex designs are usually bigger, often lockable, and more suitable for salon-based use. On the other hand, trolleys with simpler designs are more accessible and comes in smaller sizes. They can easily be carried from one place to another. Make sure you put design into consideration when looking to purchase a beauty trolley.

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