Manhattan is the most dense area or the part of the New York with huge wide population. New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation and Physical therapy is the only and most renowned physical therapy in Manhattan, new York. This clinic offers and cure or treat patients of Manhattan suffering from neuron, skeletal, muscular or other physical disorders with new physical technologies including new ideas and innovative methods and non-surgical treatments and sometimes they also don’t prefer medicines and try to cure the patients with exercise etc. As Manhattan is filled with star Olympians, elites, professional athletes, triathletes and ballet dancers so the most of the patients come from this background only for treatment to the physical therapy clinic in Manhattan, new York.

If you are looking for a best physical therapy clinic in Manhattan ? than let me help you out in telling you that New York dynamic neuromuscular rehabilitation and physical therapy is the world’s best renowned physical therapy clinic in new York whose office is also located at Manhattan. This physical therapy clinic in Manhattan is specialized with new unique technologies and methods along with the manual of cutting-edge and neurological approach. This includes : therapy of ergonomic, therapy of Vojta, therapy of virtual reality, a wide number of different soft tissue techniques, treatment with environment of computer assisted rehabilitation, surface electromyography with biofeedback training, gait training, running analysis, therapy of Karel Lewit’s manual, approach by Diane Lee and L.J Lee for integrated system model, Shirley Saharmann does movement impairment system, Kolar  does dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, training of Vladimir Jandas sensory motor, ultra sound technologies, technologies of extra corporeal pulse activation, therapy of extra corporeal shock wave, etc. the physiotherapists in this clinic first of all apply hand on manipulative technologies that will help or guide the patient’s body to bring back to right position in order to achieve proper alignment of body and strengthen the body.


The top therapists in this clinic are:

Dr. Kalika’s the best experience therapists who has knowledge in orthopedics, back care specialists and deep knowledge in medical diagnosis and sports medicine and Prof. Vladimir Janda specialties in physiotherapy and rehabilitation from the 20th century. This clinic has a experience of more than 18 years. In this 18 years of experience all the therapists work very hard together to reach to this current position where they are standing now. They have healed  each and every patients of their clinic and given them a new life with a new movement in their life. This physical therapy clinic in Manhattan is certified by Gait and Clinical movement analysis society, Aim, DNS, Stop sports injuries, ARDMS, movement performance institute, aium, and neurodynamic solutions. And this clinic has also been awarded with a new York, NY Chiropractor winner of the patients’ choice award and has also been awarded as the top three best physical therapists in new York. This clinic has a very good excellent review and has been rated as the best renowned physical therapy clinic in new York city. This clinic also has a very good number of followings in the social media sites.

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