Some Must Know Facts about Cosmetic Lip Enhancement through Dermal Fillers

Some Must Know Facts about Cosmetic Lip Enhancement through Dermal Fillers


To most men, the sight of a woman’s full lips made for kissing is enough to make them swoon. To other women, a female with lips that were created with a Cupid’s bow on top and upturned corners is a constant source of jealousy. Some women are born with them, and others need to have lip enhancement treatment to obtain those perfect lips.

No matter what the technique, people should take note of several tips and trivia about adding volume to one’s lips and getting rid of wrinkles and smile lines surrounding them.

What exactly is involved in alipenhancement procedure?

The process of increasing volume to one’s lips is lip enhancement. The procedure involves using dermal fillers that are injected into the lips under the surface of the skin. There are some fillers that are combined with numbing agents that don’t need an injection or application of a local anaesthetic.

Lip fillers often come from naturally occurring materials in the body. This material is a clear, biodegradable gel usually found in joints. As soon as the gel is injected it binds with the water molecules under the skin.

As soon as it settles and heals, these plumping agents won’t affect the patient’s day to day activities. However, for the first few days following the procedure, the patient may require help when drinking liquids and eating soft solids.

Since the gels in the filler naturally occur in the body, these fillers are absorbed into the skin. Therefore, fillers, when used to enhance lips, are only a temporary solution. The amount of time that the results last vary from patient to patient, but in general the plump appearance of the lips can last from six to nine months. When the results are noticeably fading patients are advised to go through the lip enhancement process again.

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Eliminating wrinkles and fine lines

As we age, we tend to develop lines in areas where they materialise the most; like the crow’s feet around the outer area of the eyes, frown lines between the eyebrows, and the sides of the mouth when smiling.

The common solution to correcting smile lines is to utilise dermal fillers to fill up the skin folds. Dermal fillers are also used to correct frown lines and crow’s feet. Yet, more wrinkles also develop above the mouth located in the middle of the top lip and the nose.

These wrinkles are referred to as smoker’s lines, which are common in smokers, but also occur in individuals who don’t even smoke. The truth is that these lines are a natural part of the ageing process, but the good news is that dermal injections can eliminate them. The natural substance in the filler also moisturises the folds of skin.

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