How to Save on the Cost of Beauty

How to Save on the Cost of Beauty

The beauty industry has always been big around the world, but recently it has been reported that it is growing with no sign of stopping. Women in the UK are spending a massive £284 million a week on beauty products, so you can only imagine what other countries are spending too.

From new products to manicures and professional treatments, regular women are spending more and more on looking and feeling good. If you were to sit down and add up what you have spent in the last month on beauty would you be surprised at the figure?

There’s nothing wrong with spending a little hard earned money on the things you love, and that shouldn’t be something you change. However, there are ways you can cut down on the amount of money you’re spending without having to sacrifice the things you’re actually buying.

One way to save some money is to keep up to date with websites like My Voucher Codes. These share all the active discount codes you may not see on your favourite brand’s website. This means you could be saving 20% on your next beauty purchase, which is a little extra cash in your pockets!

Another great way to save on beauty products is to do your research. YouTube vloggers like Zoella and Tanya Burr upload videos almost every day recommending products and services they have tried. The more of these kinds of experts you tune into, the more you’ll know about what’s happening in the beauty world.

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Is there a product you’re dying to try? Just type it into a search engine with “review” and you’ll get plenty of advice from all over the world. This can guide you in your decision and help prevent buyer’s remorse when you realise the product isn’t for you. But always remember to check – if the reviewer has oily skin and you have dry, their experience of the product is going to be very different!

If you don’t have time to research new products and go out to buy them, a beauty box could be your answer. These come each month with a variety of mini products for you to try. This means you get the luxury of trying new items, without the effort of researching and picking which ones yourself. When you receive 5 or more per month, chances are one will be a winner! Companies like Glossy Box and Mintd are worth checking out for the busy beauty lover!

It doesn’t matter what type of budget you’re working with – beauty is a right, not just a luxury! Make sure you always look out for discounts and reviews before buying your favourite products, or simply let a team of experts pick out your new products each month for you!

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