All about Testosterone Gels

All about Testosterone Gels

Testosterone gels are mainly used in the treatment of the androgen deficiencies. One of the unique features for these gels is that this may spread to other people also while in contact with them. Lack of testosterones can be determined by the physician with the help of a blood test. It is considered that the testosterone level is measured from 300 to 1000ng/dL. Below this level it may cause the chance of low testosterone. Testosterone gels are mainly suggested for those people who do not prefer injections and patches.

  • The cream should be avoided using on the areas like the chest, abdomen, genital and the knees as this may cause many serious defects.
  • The gel should not be allowed to be kept on the palms after the application .It should be immediately washed with water and soap.
  • It is important to note that the cream should be applied only as per the instructions mentioned on the label so that it may avoid the chance of being more amount of gel on the skin.
  • Testosterone gels should be applied carefully as the contact with the other people give way for the chances to get absorbed in their skin.

Androgel is a gel that is included in the class of the hormones like androgens. Androgel can be used as a solution for the low testosterone level of the body. This is one of the medicines that are used in the testosterone replacement therapy for the condition of Hypogonadism .This is mainly prescribed for those men who are of the age 18 or older than that. It is available from online pharmacies.

Testim gel is also one such medicine that are used in the treatment of low testosterones.

Cernos gel is used for the treatment of hormone secretion issues, lack of the male hormones, for aging process and some of the blood disorders.

Side Effects Due to Lack of Testosterones

There are many side effects that are caused due to the low level of testosterones. This may cause

  • Irritation in the skin
  • Urination problem
  • Nausea and chance for low fever
  • Headache
  • It may sometime cause problems in skin which makes this dry and cause irritation.
  • User may sometimes suffer from muscle pain
  • It can also lead to serious side effects like frequent erections and can also sometimes lead to jaundice.

Points to be noted while using Testim

Testim should not be used in some of the conditions like

  • If the user is a female.
  • If the user is allergic to any kind of ingredient that are available in the gel.
  • If the user is suspected to have prostrate or breast cancer.
  • It should be avoided taking the supplement if any herbal supplement or any dietary supplement is used.
  • If the person is suffering from diabetes or cancer the same should be avoided.
  • Any kind of heart problems or increase in the cholesterol level, lung problem and person suffering from many sleep issues should avoid taking the supplement.
  • If the person is taking insulin or any other medications this should be checked with the physician.
  • Also some of the medicines may interact directly with the gel and there are chances to cause serious side effects.
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