What Are The Common Myths Associated With Rhinoplasty

What Are The Common Myths Associated With Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is considered to be a very complicated and challenging operation in the entire plastic surgery field. It is required for a rhinoplasty surgeon to learn each and every aspect of the treatment to detail and restore harmony in nasal and face structure in a person. Many people do not have the correct knowledge about this treatment. It is very important to clear myths that they have with respect to this treatment procedure to take the best advantage of it.

Rhinoplasty treatment is covered under insurance.

It is not true. Any reimbursement claim for cosmetic rhinoplasty treatment can’t be made as none of the insurance companies provide coverage for it. There is only a single functional component of the procedure i.e., a problematic breathing due to a deviated septum or any other reason, which portion of surgery is only compensated under an insurance plan.

Rhinoplasty can give you celebrity’s appearance

It does not always hold true. To prevent any later disappointment, it is always advised to a patient to set realistic expectations. Every person’s face and appearance are different from another. There are a lot of things considered when reshaping a nose structure. A structure that suits one man is not necessary to suit facial structure of another man and also it is not achievable. In short, your nose shape must perfectly match your persona, appearance, face, and ethnicity, etc.

Rhinoplasty is a simple treatment that can be performed by any plastic surgeon

Rhinoplasty is a field that is related to your appearance. Any mistake can turn out to be devastating for the personal as well as professional life of a person. You can’t afford to take any risk when it comes to your facial appearance. Nenäleikkaus is a highly demanding and complex operation where a difference of a millimeter can bring about a huge difference in appearance of a person.

Thus, it is advised that the treatment should always be performed by the one who specializes and have undergone training in it. He should have a thorough understanding of the aesthetics of the facial and nose structure. A good rhinoplasty surgeon is also required to have a great understanding and appreciation of several functional components of the complicated organ such as breathing, smelling sense, or sinus issues. At The Health Clinic
all Rhinoplasty surgeons are board certified in reconstructive and facial plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty is just limited to affluent section of the society

A lot of people have this preconceived notion that all cosmetic treatments are expensive. They do not suit the pocket of middle class people. On the contrary to this belief, Rhinoplasty is one such advanced level of aesthetic surgical treatment that is within reach of middle sections of society. Several hospitals and cosmetic clinics also offer variety of payment plans to patients to help them perform the treatment without any financial worries.


Rhinoplasty is a treatment that requires thorough learning of the entire facial structure of a person, precision, and extensive hands on experience to deliver the best results to the patient. This information will definitely help in removing all myths and revealing the facts about this treatment.

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This Guest Post has been written by Arthur Cooper. The Health Clinic is one of the most recognized hospitals that have successfully undergone Nenäleikkaus for several patients worldwide.  All our entire medical staff ranging from surgeons, and physicians, to nurses and laboratory staff are experienced and qualified to perform the best quality treatment to patients.

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