Venus and Mars Lulur Soap – a review

I ordered Venus and Mars Lulur soap together with the Emu Mineral Lip Butter Tints. I’ve been wanting to try this soap ever since it was first launched in VnM’s Multiply shop but I find it impractical to order only just one soap. Fortunately, I was able to try this soap last month.

Venus and Mars Lulur Soap

Ingredients: emu oil, tea tree essential oil, turmeric, tea tree leaves, shea butter, arbutin, calamansi, papain, olive oil and coconut oil, mango

What is so unique about VNM’s LULUR?

It is designed to leave the skin clear from impurities by means of its turmeric content mixed with emu oil and tea tree and whiten the appearance through its powerful combination of arbutin, calamansi and papain. Moisturize and pamper the skin with the rest of the ingredients and you’ll sure find a noticeable and renewed skin!

Like any other organic soaps, I first divided the Lulur soap into 4 pieces to prolong the use of the soap. I initially used this for my face because I still use Cyleina organic soaps for my body. The soap gave a good lather, I find the mango scent is quite strong though. I felt a stinging sensation on my face after leaving the soap for about 3 to 5 minutes while I scrub my body. After rinsing, I felt my face to be smooth and tight. On my succeeding uses for the Lulur soap, I immediately rinse my face after applying the soap and this prevented the stinging sensation to occur. After frequent uses, my face became fairer and brighter. Thanks to the whitening properties of arbutin, calamansi, papain and also turmeric which are all present in this soap.

With the favorable result on my face, I also used the soap for my body and noticed that I don’t have bacne (back acne) anymore.


  • For first time users of this soap especially those with sensitive skin, I suggest you use it with your body first to see if you have adverse reactions to this soap.
  • The soap is more expensive compared to other organic soap. Php 100 per 60 g bar, Php 195 per 120 g bar.
  • I’ll repurchase if I have extra money and other orders from VnM, to save on shipping fee. =)


  1. I used to love Lulur soap but somehow, it stopped working for me. :(



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